After Watching the Video and Reading the Agreement, complete the quiz below. 

Full Name
Cell Phone Number
Are the aircraft authorized for travel into Mexico?
True or False - Off airport landings are authorized?
True or False - Cancelling reservation 10 hours out is OK
What is the maximum allowable surface winds for flight?
When should you show up at the plane for your reservation?
True or False - A 3 hour reservation can fly only 1 hour
What is the fee for a no-show reservation?
How to maneuver the aircraft to the tie-down?
What should you do with trash on the plane?
Who should you call first in a non-emergency aircraft failure?
With back seat passengers, what is the flap setting?
If you're running late, what should you do?
If you cancel last minute, what should you do?
Bald spots on tire should be reported by...
What is the Maximum Flaps on pre-flight inspection?
What is the minimum oil level for take off?
The control lock and pitot cover should be stored...
Where does the throttle lock live when not on the throttle?
How much hull insurance should you get?
What is the minimum fuel reserve requirement for all flights?

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