Aircraft Rental

Already a Pilot and want to rent one of our fleet Airplanes? We maintain a fleet of Cessnas in top condition for the use by our flight instructors and students that have been checked out by our team. If you already have a rating and want to simply rent, no problem. All pilots must first check in and schedule a check ride.

Step One

Schedule an interview and check ride with one of our flight instructors. This flight will go over your aviation background and discuss your goals with regards to the airplane. After this review, you will be given access to the aircraft scheduling tool

Step Two

After a successful check ride, you will be given a login to the schedule and be able to view the calendar, but before you are able to start adding your dates, you will need to complete the agreement and agree to our rules of the air. 

Step Three

Have Fun!! Once the check ride and agreement is complete, you will have open access to the aircraft and enjoy the discounted rates and fun times. Whether your looking to advance your hours for your career or just get in the air, your clearance is waiting. 

Our Airplanes


1980 Cessna 172N

Basic six pack

Nice Garmin Aera 660 GPS

Dual Nav/Comms

$100 Hr Wet Rate


1967 Piper Cherokee 140/160 Conversion

Basic 6 pack

Dual Nav/ Comms

$100 Hr Wet Rate


1967 L Model

260HP per Side

Cruise 165mph

New Paint

New Interior

Garmin 530 non-WAAS

Coupled Auto-Pilot

$200 Hr DRY rate Includes Instructor

Still Need to Get Your License?

Check out our training programs designed specifically for your career success

Online Ground School

Our online ground school is unique in the way that it prepares new aviators for a safe and successful career. We offer an in-class flight training experience but from the comfort of your computer. You get that one on on attention if needed.

In-Person Ground Training

After you have completed the stages and basic knowledge requirements to pass your written exam, we will take the time on the ground to understand the process of and procedures of flight. This is a great way to prepare for the cockpit experience. 

In-Air Flight Instruction

Nothing teaches better than experience and that is just what you’ll learn when you and your personal instructor will go up and practice maneuvers, takes off and landings. You will get to assemble all the knowledge you’ve gained in the process and put it to use in real time.  

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